ISSN: 2756-3146


ISSN: 2756-3146


About the Journal

The Carnelian Journal of Law and Politics is a peer-reviewed, bi-annual, interdisciplinary, open access journal with a focus on constitutional law, human rights, democracy, international law, legal and political theory, public policy, international relations and sociology of law in the context of Africa.Established in 2020 at the Babcock University School of Law & Security Studies, Ogun State, Nigeria. The periodical was a response to the dearth of interdisciplinary approaches to the study of law and politics within the context of Africa. Setting out to be the foremost African journal on law and politics, it publishes high quality research on law and politics from African early career researchers, both within the continent and in the diaspora.Being an interdisciplinary journal, empirical research is highly encouraged as much as theoretical approaches, while it provides a platform for rigorous analyses in its focus areas. The Carnelian Journal of Law and Politics journal is only available in an electronic form.

- Frequency -

The journal would be published twice in a year, the first issue in December and the second in April next year. Each issue in a volume shall have five publications with an editorial at the beginning of the volume. This is because we believe that keeping a small number of publications would allow for quality control. A special issue of the journal shall be edited by any member of the advisory board.

- Peer Review and Quality Control -

Submitted manuscripts are considered if they fit with the journal’s focus areas and if they comply with the author guidelines by the managing editor, if they don’t, the submissions shall be declined. The journal shall use a double blind peer review in the evaluation of submissions. The review processshall be done by researchers who are experts in the focus areas of the journal and will take six weeks. After the review, reviewers shall make recommendations and comments on the submitted manuscripts to the editor-in-chief. The reviewers can recommend if a paper should be rejected. After the managing editor has communicated the recommendations and comments of the reviewers to the authors, the authors are given two weeks to make any revisions to the manuscripts. In the event that a peer reviewer recognizes the work of an author, the peer reviewer shall declare whether there would be a conflict of interest in the course of their evaluation of the author’s work.Peer reviewers should exercise objectivity, confidentiality and objectivity in assessing an author’s work and should avoid all forms of bias that would unfairly influence their judgment in the evaluation of submissions. Abbreviation CJLP

- Affiliation -

Babcock University School of Law & Security Studies, Iperu Campus, Nigeria